Tuesday Jan 16

EVE Radio Chat

You have three ways of accessing the EVE Radio IRC chat #eve-radio (this is the out of game EVE Radio chat). To chat in the ingame EVE Radio chat you must launch EVE, however we do have a relay that allows you to read but not reply to the ingame chat in the room #eve-radio-ingame

The first is to fill in a nick name below and press connect, this will use a Java client to connect you. You will likely get a warning about the applets security certificate, just accept it.

Alternative Nickname:
IRC Network:

The second option it to use Mibbit which is a web ajax based client. Simply click the link and then on the page that appears select Connect.

The third way is to download an IRC client such as mIRC, HydraIRC or IceChat. Once downloaded you will need to configure them to connect to the server details shown below

Server : irc.coldfront.net
Port : 6667
Channel : #eve-radio