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  • adm5893 created a new topic General Membership in the forums.
    I noticed I was billed for a year. Is EVE RADIO continuing these types of membership plans?

    Obviously I support ER (through donations) but I thought ER was moving away from subscriptions.

    Also can you provide an updated Premium Services being an ER Subscriber?

    Thank you
    wall 1 day ago
  • adm5893 replied to the topic Re: Secure Certificates in the forums.
    wall 8 days ago
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  • DikshaMA created a new topic Sensible Solid Packers And Movers Bangalore in the forums.
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    wall 110 days ago
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  • Back in the saddle again.
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  • i'm stil dunk
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  • adm5893 created a new topic I am back in the forums.
    I am back. Any one read the forums?
    wall 295 days ago
  • uploaded a new avatar
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  • adm5893 created a new topic Secure Certificates in the forums.
    May I suggest using or registering your URL and implementing a digital certificate?

    Chrome (along with Microsoft) keeps harping about insecure website.
    wall 309 days ago
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  • Fade2po replied to the topic Re: IRC / the airlock / Coldfront connection issues in the forums.

    Got it working / sort of..
    after asking around in mibbit help (ty herc, person in channel)

    i found a page : h t t p : //en.irc2go .com/webchat/?net=TheAirlock&room=eve-radio&app=1

    from there i've clicked on the 'app chat' then it fired up mirc. after the pratting around with bypassing the registration, it asked if i wanted to set servers or something.. i simply clicked 'ok' and volla i can now see in channel everyone.

    Failing that, in mirc, select 'file' > 'select server' > add > then in address 'irc://irc.theairlock.net:6667' (delete port if showing below it) > ok, then when the mIRC farorites window pops up, click on 'add' and type in '#eve-radio' in channel name and then click on 'join'

    hopefully this will help anyone else who cant connect or me in the future when i do something to my pc.
    wall 426 days ago
  • Fade2po replied to the topic Re: IRC / the airlock / Coldfront connection issues in the forums.
    Is irc fine for others? Keep hearing jj saying nobody is there when he uses it. So presume others effected.
    Is there an alternative to coldfront?
    wall 426 days ago
  • Fade2po created a new topic IRC / the airlock / Coldfront connection issues in the forums.
    For last few weeks i've been unable to connect to irc. The in browser one fails to open in chrome, and edge (which i never use).
    I've downloaded mirc, but seems it cant connect to coldfront In addition ingame just displays :

    This site can’t be reached theairlock.net refused to connect.

    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

    .. I also tried using icechat but when i attempt to connect to coldfront...

    ERROR: Socket Exception Error: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond

    So im guessing coldfront is down and all eve irc chat passes through it. ??

    Or is just me and in that case help
    wall 431 days ago
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  • happy happy happy
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  • Argh diseased
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