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New Erotica

Thursday, 25 November 2010

I just finished this new Erotica Story and its not how I would usually write but figured i would post it here first before sneding it o anyone that isn't in my brothel.  let me know what you think.



Sinking deeper into her tub, she let the hot water engulf her as the tears streamed down her cheeks.  She knew that she had did a very bad thing and knew that her Dom would be severely disappointed in her.  Looking to the bathroom door, her eye’s blurry with tears she saw him standing in the door, looking down on her in utter disgust.  Cringing and sinking lower into her bath, the water coming up to her nose, she closed her eye’s hard, trying to force the tears to go away, but to no avail.
Feeling his hand grasp her hair gently at first, her guard dropping only for a minuet, then yanking it hard back causing her to stifle a cry knowing it will anger him, her eye’s opening wide as he lowered his lips to her ear as he whispered in a disgusted, harsh tone.
“So now you back talk me do you?” the disgust filling his voice and words.
“N-n-n-no” she stutters “I didn’t mean ..” her words cut short as his grasp on her hair tightens
“How dare you speak!” his voice deep and dark, “I didn’t say you could speak did I?”
Trying to keep her body from shaking, she quickly shakes her head in a quick no fashion.
“Good, now that we have that in understanding, your going to tell me what you were thinking, back talking me.” his voice and low, almost caring with a hint of dominance and importance.
“I don’t know what I . . “ her voice trails off as the tears begin to well up in her eye’s again.
“You don’t know what?” his voice slowly filling with impatience.
“I don’t know why I did that Sir, I truly don’t!” she say’s, her voice full of fear and pain.
“Hm.  I think you need to be punished for your insolence.” a grin crossing his face as he begins to stand up, still grasping her hair firmly; causing her to stifle a cry as she scrambles to get out of the full bathtub.  Trying not to look him in the eye, she gingerly reaches for a towel but is quickly discouraged with a quick tug of her already taught hair in his grasp, her arms dropping quickly to her side.
“Wha-wha-what is my punishment?’ she say’s, her voice barely audible.
“Oh, you’ll see my Little Vixen.  I’ve a new punishment for such an occasion like this” His voice stone cold.
Cringing at his words she glances up at him but things twice when he begins to walk towards their bedroom, his grasp still firmly holding her hair.  Trying not to stumble as she is quickly pulled into the bedroom , she is tossed onto the bed in a sitting position, her gaze automatically looking to the floor, knowing better than to look him in the eyes when he is angry.
“You see my Little Vixen, I knew it would only be a matter of time before you would back talk me so I made it a point to get this new device for just such an occasion.  I want you to take a look at what I have here.”  his voice commanding and harsh.
Looking up, to where he is standing she noticed a sheet draping over something, tilting her head slightly to the right, thinking to herself that was not there earlier when she has seeking refuge in her bath.  Slowly her eye’s widen as he begins to remove the sheet from the large object.  Blinking she takes a second look at what is now before her.  It has a bench that is waist height, a place for her hands and head to be restrained, ankle cuffs and an extremely large paddle with at least a dozen holes in it.  With her eye’s wide she looks at her Dom, utter bewilderment upon her face.
“Please Sir, anything but that, anything but that kind of punishment, please!” her voice filled with utter urgency and fear
“You dare deny your punishment my little Vixen!?” his voice growing louder as he quickly crosses the bedroom to where she sits, raising his hand.
“NO!” her voice filling with tears “Please, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was wrong to deny my punishment.” she say’s sinking into the bed, waiting in anticipation for his hand.
“That is more like it.” his voice a little softer with these words.   “Now where was I?  Oh yes that‘s right.  I was just about to explain to you what this device is for my Little Vixen.  Do you want to know?” his voice genuine and full of curiosity.
Slowly she sits up, looking at her Dom, realizing that his talk six foot six inch frame was a perfect match to this medieval looking device.  His massive frame hovering over the device like a executioner at the gallows.  Shifting her weight, to her right side, she tries to force the naughty thoughts from her mind.  Not wanting to alert him to her sudden arousal she just nods.
“Very well my Little Vixen, I’ll explain.  You see this machine allows me to lock you into place bent over this bench length wise so that I may unleash upon your round, supple ass, a good spanking or perhaps even a good whipping.” a evil grin crossing hi face as his hand reaches over and picks up the paddle.
“Do you know what I call this paddle my Little Vixen?” his voice firm.
“N-n-n-no I do not Sir” her voice quivering with each word, the arousal slipping from her.
“Well my Little Vixen, this is The Holy Behavior Modifier, or THBM as I like to call it.  Something to help modify nasty little behaviors such as the one you exhibited tonight.”  his voice cold as steel and just as hard
“Swallowing, she looks from the paddle in his hand to his face, her eye’s making contact with his then shooting to the floor, knowing that she just made another mistake.
“Tsk, tsk, tsk. You aren’t doing very well tonight are you my Little Vixen?” a soft chuckle passing his lips
“N-no I am not Sir.” her voice quivering and quite
“Come here my Little Vixen, its time for your punishment.” his voice bellowing with command and dominance.
Hurriedly, she gets up off the bed and goes to him, her eye’s never once straying from the floor, knowing that in doing so, would cause her punishment to be longer and more fierce.  More so than what she is expecting to receive here in a short few moments.
“Now that you’re here, I want you to stand just like that till I get this ready.” his voice almost caring as he caresses her cheek, then goes about unlocking the ankle, wrist and head restraints.
“There we go my Little Vixen, all ready for you.” he say’s, grabbing her shoulder and guiding her to the edge of the bench, slowly forcing her to bend at the waist;  making sure to keep her hands placed above her head, as he closes and locks the wrist cuffs, making sure to press his growing cock against her  round supple ass.  Moving to her side, he placed the THBM on her back and locks the neck restraint making sure that its not to tight but yet not too lose.  Slowly he drags the paddle across her back, making her cringe and squirm as he walks behind her taking in the sight he see’s.  Running the paddle, down her left leg, he moves it out to the left and locks the ankle cuff to keep her leg in place.  Bringing the paddle up her left leg and down her right leg, he moves her right leg to the right and  locks the ankle cuff to keep it in place.  Grinning he stands upright and looks down upon her strapped to his new toy.  Cocking his head to the side he takes her all in.  his cock now fully engorged and hard.
“Are we comfortable my Little Vixen?’ his voice genuine and soft.
“Yes Sir.” she say’s for the first time not stutter or catching on her words, feeling oddly at ease.
“Good then we shall start off with 10 spankings, then we shall go from there.” his voice firm and harsh
“Yes Sir, I deserve my punishment Sir.” her voice soft, quivering with anticipation.
“Then I shall begin my Little Vixen.” his voice soft but firm as he raises the paddle and brings it down firmly upon her round, supple ass.  Biting her lip she tries to stifle the cry of pain trying to escape from her mouth.
“One” he counts, raising the paddle above his head and bringing it down upon her round, supple ass with a resounding smack;  her ass truing a light shade of red.
Wincing in pain she squirms a little, holding back the tears that are threatening to over take her eyes.
“Two” raising the paddle then brings it down a little harder this time.
Tears now begin to trickle down her cheeks, swallowing a cry of pain.
“Three” the paddle being raised faster this time so that she may not brace herself.
“Four” the paddle brought up and down swiftly
“Five” the paddle raising above his head and brought down hard upon her round, supple ass.
“Six, Seven, Eight, Nine.”  the last 4 coming fast and quick, one right after the other in a blazing order.
Tears flowing down her face, her lip bottom lip now bleeding from her bite to stifle the cries of pain, her ass aching, swollen and bright red.
“And here is number Ten.” his voice evil as he slams it down upon her ass, breaking the skin a little, a small trickle of blood running down her ass.
Grinning to himself he gently touched her bright red, throbbing ass and watches as she writhes in pain from his touch.  Leaning over her, his hard throbbing cock touching her now engorged ass, he places the paddle on its hook and whispers in her ear
“Its alright my Little Vixen.  I am going to let you out.  I think you have taken your punishment well and no longer need any more spankings.” his voice very soft, caring and full of love.
Standing up, he squats down and unlocks her left ankle, then her right, making sure to caress each one before he stands upright.  Walking to the front of her he caresses each hand as he unlock the cuffs, then the neck restraint, lifting her head in his hands.
“Its OK my Little Vixen.  You took your punishment very well.  I truly am proud of you.”  A smile crossing his lips as he wipes the blood from her lip with his thumb.
Smiling up at him gingerly, knowing that she made her Sir proud, she winces in pain as she tries to move but thinks better of it and just lay’s there, not wanting to move.
“Here my Little Vixen, let me help you” he say’s, walking around to her side and picking her up in his arms cradling her to his chest, her head resting on his shoulder. Sinking into him she inhales his scent and instantly relaxes deeper into him.
“Now it is time for your reward since you were such a good little Sub in your punishment.” his voice almost babyish at this point.
“Really Sir!?” she say’s trying to hide the excitement in her voice.
“Yes my Little Vixen.  You have earned it.  You took your punishment like a good Sub and deserve a reward for it” his eye’s now locked onto hers as he speaks.
Still holding her in his arms, he walks to the bed and with one hand, undoes his pants and shimmies out of them, his hard cock springing up to reach his Subs, tender engorged ass.
“Are you ready for your reward my Little Vixen?” the tone in his voice soft and loving
“Yes I am Sir.” this time the eagerness and excitement escaping with her words.
“Very well then my Little Vixen.”
Sitting down on the bed he gently places each one of her legs around him and guides himself into her, her tight pussy welcoming him with softness and wet excitement.  Moaning as he enters her, she looks at him in eager anticipation for his words.
“Its all right my Little Vixen, you are in charge here.  It is your reward after all.” his hand caressing her left breast as he speaks.
“Thank you Sir.” she say’s, her voice moaning the words as she leans in and kisses him passionately;  beginning to rock herself back and forth upon his cock, quicker and harder with each thrust.  Pulling away from their kiss she stare into his eye’s, watching them with each thrust of her hips, the climax building with in her.
“Oh god Sir, your cock feels so good inside me!” her eye’s glazing over in pleasure from his cock.
“You like my cock don’t you my Little vixen?” his voice mischievous yet soft.
“Oh yes, yes Sir” the moans coming louder and louder with each thrust.
“Good” he say’s, his hands caressing her back, watching her work as his own climax creeps up on him
“Sir, oh god Sir I am so close Sir.  Can I cum for you Sir?” her voice quivering and moaning, trying to hold back the wave of pleasure that is forcing to take over her body.
“Yes you may come for me my Little Vixen.” his voice now laden with pleasure as he waits for her to cum all over his cock.
“Oh god yes, Yes Sir, I’m Cumming for you Sir, oh god it feels so good Sir!” her voice filled with ecstasy as her body is rocked by orgasm after orgasm, her cum dripping down onto his balls.
Feeling her orgasm sends him over the top as he cums deep inside of her, his right hand pulling her lips to his an burying her in a deep, passionate kiss.
When their body’s waves of pleasure subside, he embraces her and scoots back further onto the bed, his cock still inside her , not wanting to leave her body, he caresses her face with his right hand, moving a piece of hair from her face.
“I really am proud of you my Little Vixen.  You took your punishment better than I expected you would.” the tone of his voice soft and caring.
“Thank you Sir,  I am happy that I have pleased you.” her voice filled with love.
“Now, shall we retire for the night my Little Vixen?  I need you fresh for the tomorrow and I do so hope you have learned your lesson.” he say’s as he gently slides her off his cock and lay’s, her down on her side, her ass facing him, then lays behind her spooning her, his left arm draped over her waist and his right under her neck.
“Yes I have Sir.  I have learned my lesson I did.” she say’s, hiding the lie behind her words.
Snuggling into him, her still swollen, engorged ass pressing into his cock, she slowly drifts off to sleep, dreaming of how she can get that punishment again.

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