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DJ NME audio "stutter".
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TOPIC: DJ NME audio "stutter".

DJ NME audio "stutter". 4 years, 12 months ago #3271

Okay, here we go.

For some reason during either DJ NME's live shows or on his rewinds i am getting what sounds like buffering going on. Music for a min or two, then dead air, then it switches between music/dead air every 20-30 seconds or so for the rest of the show. I doubt it is actual buffering but that is all i can describe it as.

This makes no sense at all, because i can listen live or rewind to any other DJ and never have an issue on my end. What is he doing that is different from everyone else?

I've switched between the various listening methods, wmp/html5/flash on the player. I've listened through a different browser as well. Firefox/Chrome. I am at a loss as to why something, somewhere seems to just hate this one, single, solitary DJ.

Any helpful advice would be appreciated as I do want to catch his shows.

Currently listening to his latest rewind and it is working perfectly, but this is only with the legacy listen option on the ER site. /points at the new player and shakes a fist.

At least it is a temporary fix. (until you disable the legacy feature)
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Re: DJ NME audio "stutter". 4 years, 10 months ago #3785

  • NME
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I also use the old legacy player to listen as it seems the most stable. That sucks you experience problems my friend. As you posted this some time ago, are you still experiencing issues? Thanks for listening.. no really cool you listened and caught this! hope you enjoy my mixes!

Re: DJ NME audio "stutter". 4 years, 10 months ago #3786

  • GHarper
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Hi this is QGazQ (I'm logged in on my non admin account).

I've just done a sample myself and not found any problems.
Can you confirm if you're still having the problem and if so give me a specific show (date) which you're listening to and I'll double check that file.

One thing to note is that NME is a HQ DJ therefore the stream is 256k which is twice a lot of the other DJs, so if you're listening on mobile you may get buffering.

Could you also try listening to a DJ Madness show and see if that is ok for you as he is also HQ.

The new rewind system is new, so could have issues, but if you're also having the problem live that kind of suggests it isn't the cause.
The legacy rewind will be turned off as soon as I sort out an external player link for premium subscribers. The tech its based on isn't supported any more and will become more and more flaky.


Re: DJ NME audio "stutter". 4 years, 10 months ago #3788

Whatever it was, the shows that i have caught since are all fine.

Nothing changed on my end as far as i know, weirdly enough it even happened when trying to listen via rewind later on but other rewinds were fine.

As far as i know it is over and done with.. famous last words i know but still.


Was listening via the usual home desktop, no issues with other shows, including Madness.

I'm thinking i should try the new player again on a madness show and see if it stutters, but that is for tomorrow at the least. I'll edit again after a listen.

New player is working fine, been using it as the default player other than that one show that had problems. Had to check the settings to realize it. Just a one-off wierd thing for some reason.
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