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TOPIC: Kindle Fire App.?

Kindle Fire App.? 8 years ago #2596

  • Jaded Kross
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So I'm currently on vacatiion with my fire. What I was wondering if anyone knows of a app for the fire thaat allows you to listen to eve radio or amy of the gen network for that matter?

It would be awesome if someone does.

And if such an app does not yet exist somehow this should be remedied.

Re: Kindle Fire App.? 8 years ago #2597

  • Nefertati
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Unfortunately the kindle fire, much like apple products, cannot use java based programs/apps/.

I'm sure there is a work-around, try googling it. It may take some effort but I'm sure it'd be worth it!

I usually listen to ER on my phone when I'm away but I use android based OS phone these days rather than iPhone.

Screw Apple.

Re: Kindle Fire App.? 7 years, 2 months ago #2782

  • Rythdar
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Now I dont know much about iOS nor Kindle(or Kindles operating system?) but on android there is an app called 'TuneIn Radio' which easily lets you listen to EVE-Radio and even SSR(I believe, havent tried)

Now problem is I havent the slightest of an idea what OS the kindle fire is running:F I tried checking google but on a quick glance I didnt see what OS it has? Odd.

Other than an application, many of modern hand held devices support network streaming, whether it be a NAS drive on home LAN or streaming youtube or other video services. Now if your device can do that, it shouldnt be too difficult to tune in to the stream address of ER and enjoy ze best damn radio there is

Two ways to accomplish this that I can think of that might possibly work is:
1. Use stream address as browser address and see if it starts streaming.
2. Same but use the address in a streaming video/NAS application. If the audio/media application on the kindle has any internet radio/streaming things in it, then it is just a question of getting the ER address in it.

Re: Kindle Fire App.? 7 years, 2 months ago #2783

  • MrBlades
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We're currently in the process of looking at alternative streaming methods that mobile device users can take advantage of for both audio and video. The problems we face are using a suitable html5 solution for our player that will support both audio and video streaming as well as a streaming protocol that will be cross compatible.

Currently we can stream audio and video through rtmp but only through flash based media players which won't work on iOS devices. While we can stream to html5 players that will work with most sensible browsers and mobile devices, rtmp does not work with html5.

So, we are needing to find a suitable protocol we can stream from our wowza media server to either or both flash based and html5 based players that doesn't utilise rtmp.

If we can manage this then we should be able to create a single player that can manage audio/video direct from the website and also available to all manner of mobile devices without any further mucking around as a compliment to our existing website based players.

Problem is we're not that great with the video streaming side of things as we are with audio. What we need is to stream to our media server using rtmp (in the case of video) and have it streamed from the server to our player in a different, compatible format (http streaming as an example) to our html5 player.

If there happens to be any experts on streaming media that may be able to offer us some ideas we'd appreciate it.

Re: Kindle Fire App.? 6 years, 9 months ago #3024

  • QGazQ
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We have currently made the site try and use HTML5 if it can't load flash therefore you could try this if your device support HTML5 streaming audio.
On most mobile devices it will refused to auto play therefore you'll need to press the play button on the player that appears at the top of the page (occasionally twice).

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