Sunday May 24

We need YOU!


EVE-Radio needs YOU!

Please consider supporting EVE-Radio and help keep us on the air by upgrading to a Premium Supporter account.

Your Premium Supporter EVE-Radio membership will give you exclusive access to the following great features:

  • High Quality Audio - Listen to in high quality audio (up to 256Kbps*)!
  • High Definition video - Watch our live video streaming in HD!
  • No ads - You won't see any ads on our web-site
  • More content - Listen to the last 30 days of ER shows using the Premium on-demand Rewind feature!
  • Recognition - Your user profile on the web-site and forums will show a unique "supporter" icon
  • Reserved slot - You'll always be able to connect, even when the regular stream is at capacity during busy times.
  • FREE monthly prize draw - A free PC game (via Steam) or a 60-day EVE Game Time Card awarded to a premium supporter each month!
  • More love - Above all, you'll be supporting EVE-Radio! And we'll love you even more ;-)

You'll get all of that, for just £2.99/month ($4.99USD) - less than the price of 1 beer in London! More importantly, you'll be helping us to stay on-air! You can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal! Just click the blue button to start helping EVE-Radio!


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