Sunday Jul 12

As a thank you for upgrading to a Premium account, we'll give you exclusive access to the following great features:

  • High Quality Audio - Listen to in high quality audio (up to 256Kbps* - that's double the quality)!
  • High Definition video - Watch our live video streaming in HD!
  • No ads - You won't see any ads on our web-site
  • More content - Listen to the last 30 days of ER shows using the Premium on-demand Rewind feature!
  • Recognition - Your user profile on the web-site and forums will show a unique "Premium User" icon
  • Reserved slot - You'll always be able to connect, even when the regular stream is at capacity during busy times.
  • FREE monthly prize draw - A free PC game (via Steam) or a 60-day EVE Game Time Card awarded to a premium supporter each month!
  • More love - Above all, you'll be supporting EVE-Radio! And we'll love you even more ;-)

You'll get all of that, for just £2.99/month ($4.84USD) - less than the price of 1 beer in London! More importantly, you'll be helping us to stay on-air! Just click the blue button to get started!



How do I sign up?

If you like what you hear and you want to help support EVE-Radio, you can sign up for your premium membership by clicking here.

Why should I subscribe?

We hope you'll subscribe in order to support EVE-Radio, hence why the subscription is called Premium Supporter. As a thank you, we'll enable your account to access the above features.

What shows are broadcast in HQ audio?

Just like HD TV in the UK, not all shows can be broadcast in HQ audio. Most are, but check the schedule to find out which shows you'll hear in amazing crystal clear sound.

What does it cost?

Your premium membership is just £2.99 per month (less than 1 pint of beer in London!) or you can receive a discount and pay annually at £30 per year.