Tuesday May 26

An Open Letter To The Eve Radio Listener

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Sad tidings friends.

For the first time since we introduced our Premium Supporter program with the associated hardware and technical upgrades we've dropped below the red line and regressed to an earlier milestone.

Depressingly, this means that our donation target has had to go UP for the first time in years which has us very worried about the future.

Here's the deal :-

The last year hasn't been very good for us here at Eve Radio. Despite promotional work with CCP and a number of new DJ freedoms we've lost ground on the radio scene progressively since the start of the year. A lot of this we can blame on ourselves (We collectively got a bit lazy and quality slipped), the usual summer downturn (Best summer weather in years for a lot of folks) as well as a big upsurge in Twitch TV broadcasting (we're in the process of sorting out our own Twitch presence by the by) and a general change of Eve player habits - all of which which has taken it's toll.

This doesn't mean we're coughing up blood and cursing our last (we're still pulling in thousands of unique listeners every month) but the decline has been noticeable beyond the usual predictable patterns and the financial toll of this decline is starting have an impact.

The bottom line is we're still a long way from becoming self sufficient and due to these recent losses we're now struggling to manage the shortfall every month which is having a pronounced effect on Diaego's already overly abused personal finances as well as our motivation to continue onwards.

Frankly, for the first time since starting here as a DJ ten years ago, I am worried.

So what can we do about this?

Well, we're having a go at addressing a number of things over the next few weeks. The first of which is a schedule makeover which will revert things back to the previous mixed two and three hour sets. Three hour slots for the most part worked for us historically and the current two hour scheme has proven to work against us more so than for us.

We're also taking a long hard look at ourselves and retiring / reallocating resources (that's what we call DJ's when we're disappointed in them) to more suitable time slots with more appropriate content for the modern Eve Radio listener.

Obviously this isn't going to work out well for everyone and I dare say some decisions may not be universally well received but in order to help turn things around, changes must happen.

We're replacing a fair bit of equipment as well. Poseidon (our jukebox server) is on the verge of being Old Yellaered and the replacement Artemis has just been procured and is in the process of being setup to take over jukebox duty. Depending on how Artemis performs we may well also replace our ailing primary server, Hermes, who has had a short but difficult life since replacing Zeus only a couple of years ago.

There are also additional expenses that must be covered in order to help kickstart Eve Radio back into gear but I'm not going to go into any detail about those for now. Suffice to say we want to add value to our Premium Supporter package so any investment in us and our future has more of a tangible return to you. We still want to hear from folks with ideas as to what we can do to achieve this but historically ya'll been reluctant to tell us what you want. Now would be a good time to go against the grain.

As for what you can do? Well, it's simple.

If you're a Premium Supporter, thank you and please continue to support us in this manner.

If you're a regular donator, your support if massively appreciated and please feel free to continue helping us out in that way.

If you're a regular listener, please consider becoming a Premium Supporter or renewing your previous subscription if it has lapsed.

If you're a casual listener or someone that's just randomly stopped by, please give us a chance to entertain you.

If you're no longer a regular listener and don't think we're worth supporting, please, tell us why.

As of right now we have lost approximately 20% of our income since the turn of the year. It doesn't sound like a lot but when you consider that approx 15% of our total expenses each month (not including costs associated with dual boxing of replacement systems for 30 - 60 days and other sundries) has to be paid for by Diaego privately 20% is actually a lot as the margins are already super tight.

Quite obviously, we need former Premium Supporters to help us claw back that 20% by resubscribing (you know, if they want) as well as new listeners taking the Premium Supporter plunge. Even more importantly, spreading the word and encouraging folks who have never experienced Eve Radio to give us a try is massively important both for future financing as well as overall morale in the staff room.

In closing, while we're not we're not quite at deaths door without quick and decisive action from ourselves and rallied support from you, the loyal listener, it is likely Eve Radio will not be able to survive any further decline.

We'll do our part. The rest is up to you.

Good fortune to us all.

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Orlet said:

I've been an avid listener since i don't remember when, and I'm here to stay no matter what, however here's some feedback for you (as suggested by DJ Accy):

* Junkbox - it's playlist hasn't been updated since the inception of the damned thing, look into it, please! (i loved the idea of replays, maybe you should start doing it again)
* I congratulate the choice of longer shows, 2 hrs for competitions just ain't enough. I loved FunkyBacon's competitions, and now all he does is lowsec roams. Boring (sorry, FB, i still love you). Same applies to other DJs as well (erroch's Industrial Revolution could certainly use one more hour).
* Talk shows! While I, personally, don't mind an occassional talk show, but right now, in my opinion, we have too many regular talk shows on ER (sorry BS and Wiggley One
September 14, 2013
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Inanerator said:

TOOOO Much Techo/Electro/Trance whatever.
I'll tune in Friday night or any night for the most part and get show after show of the same repetitious, redundant Techno.. the DJ's are all super proud of whatever goofy mix they setup (I'd rather here the original song most the time instead of it looped in the back).. I like Daft Punk, Skrillex etc. but 8 or more hours of it in a row just sucks. And the industrial stuff just plain sucks.. sorry. Yes the drunk ass talk stuff just sounds immature and it's not appealing to me at all. I don't encourage my corp. mates to get drunk or whatever and play EVE.. cause they are useless at that point. My favorite show so far has been Dunewolf, I also don't understand the need for all the profanity.. just makes the DL's sound stupid.. I like many of the humerus songs that have heavy r rated lyrics but in moderation I'd say
September 14, 2013
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Krisskl said:

back to old times..
I agree with Lemming Alpha1dash1, my first eve lotery wining was on Blacklight show, my first carrier kill on Funcky show, naw it's only gall-mill, at least Blicklight is back smilies/smiley.gif
September 13, 2013
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zmaster1985 said:

Im so happy BigCountrys talk show going back to 3 hours... was kinda disappointed with the 2 hours only when tht happened!
September 11, 2013
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Mr Smith said:

Mr Smith
Done my bit so you can keep doing yourssmilies/wink.gif
September 11, 2013
Votes: +2

Ralph (hadesgate) said:

When tuning in on a radio channel, I listen to music and listen to news/updates or something other important. Quality music is good smilies/smiley.gif. What I noticed was lots of talk, for some people great, for others this is less great. If there is not one yet, find a god balance between the 2. In my country when I listen to the radio, I hear mainly music and sometimes some commercials.

What I do not do is check stored past events that are being kept for a month. Neither do I pay attention to the ads on the website, since I am listening to the radio not watching.
Ads are there for a reason and perhaps you should make (more) use of it. And lastly, no one wants to hear it, but I heard beer prices went up! (hint) smilies/wink.gif

I never attended a fleet so I might do that once aswell.
September 11, 2013
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Natalie said:

I've recently started listening to ER again during my morning and afternoon commute. If the music is good enough during my after work gym trip as well.

This was in the past month or so, right now the DJ's I'm catching during GMT mid morning, and early US evening have been very good.

Perhaps I'm catching it on the rise again, while I do agree at times certain DJ's do talk a bit much especially with what seems to be a trend of "let's get 4-5 random other people on skype/vent/ts/mumble/whatever while I'm doing my show". Usually this is mitigated by the fact that what they are saying is mildly amusing or is related to the set but, at times it does become overwhelming.

I've been an ER listener for several years and try to pop into the in-game channel occasionally. The in-game chat has always been great fun, especially on friday nights after everyone has had a drink or 3.

Sorry to hear ER is falling on hard times. Hopefully it will pick back up, I've had plenty of good memories with ER and want it to stick around!
September 11, 2013
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Erkenfresh said:

Thanks for the comments everyone. We need all of the feedback we can get because in the end, it will improve the Eve Radio service for you.

@adjorr: The rewind feature can be your friend here. While you may not be able to participate in the events, you can hear some great music depending on your tastes.

@Lemmingmom: You didn't know? Blacklight is back! (He's done some covers here and there and you can find those on Rewind)

I too am looking forward to three hour slots returning. I can see from this feedback I should consider running fleets of some type, perhaps alternating with the light shows. We hope to have you all tune in soon!
September 11, 2013
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lemmingmon said:

Even without EVE so much i'm still here and plan to stay.

But personally i kinda agree with adjorr's opening line as i started drifting off(in listening terms) when the mass of shows involving team speak convos got more and more, some days it was every show seemed to be just talk talk talk with the odd track then more talk. And i dont mean BC or Wiggles ones since the're more structured. Loosing certain DJ's probably didnt help matters since alot of the ones that mix went and they tended to focus more on music than talk. Yes they spoke quite often but not to the detriment of the entertainment. - this does seem less of an occurance than it was previously

Defo think returning to the 3hrs will improve things specially in the prime times bringing back pvp tournys etc which is what alot of listeners seem to want. That and some shows Helix and Moz for example have always needed to be 3hrs to get all the goodness

as for what i want...ION X-man and Blacklight would be nice smilies/tongue.gif
September 10, 2013
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Bajran Bali said:

Great service
I'm glad you shared this with us. As a usual listener and occasional participant in Funkybacon's fleets, I'm very happy with the service you provide for this very niche (EVE) base. I hope to see it continue and grow. The DJ's are entertaining and have good tracks to keep the party of EVE alive and going.

I've considered and wanted to help out in some way, but wasn't sure what I needed to do. With this letter I now know how and will gladly help out. I hope more listeners will follow suit.

Can't wait for those 3 hour fleets. Maybe we'll catch something nice with that extra time!
September 10, 2013 | url
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Kilzool said:

Some comments
Thank you for the opening letter.

This Premium Supporter will continue supporting EVE-RADIO. What could make it easier, is
the end of the problems with UK Pay system (which seems to be having issues with some of USA folks - check forums). Specifically, I have to call my bank every three months to allow the charge to go through.

Anyway ... The economy, no matter where you are, hurts for many, and that pinch probably, most likely, has an impact here.

I just wish I could do more. And before I go, the quality of DJs you have is outstanding,
so keep that up.

September 10, 2013
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funkybacon said:

Great feedback lemming. Once we get back to 3 hour broadcasts and we have more time to organize and will be able to travel further, I will get back into some derp fleeting and tournaments. We have found that 2 hours simply does not give us enough time than to do a quick roam around our home in lowsec. 3 will give us the time we need to bring back a lot of those more organized events we used to do, so I'm really looking forward to it.
September 10, 2013
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Lemming Alpha1dash1 said:

Lemming Alpha1dash1
I have the feeling that until 2 years ago we used to form a tighter eve radio community, because we flew with one and other.

We had lo-sec roams every week, Lemmings ! (we miss you Spuffy !) smilies/smiley.gif
We had WTF roams with Funky Bacon every week (anyone could enter, not just gall-mill) or king of the system in hi-sec.
We had PvE fleets with DJ Sarge every Sunday (bring back 3 hour slots at least man).
We had regular eve lotteries every week (ty Whitey and Dawny and now sometimes Wiggles)

Plus we had all kinds of (mini)games we could play while other DJ's were (3 hours) on air.

Now don't get me wrong, you did some good this year, we got 3 talk bed shows a week now.

The problem with Eve Online is that the players must make their own content with the tools CCP gave us.
Maybe we can build some more EvE Radio content ingame as well again ?


A Lemming

PS: de-subbed as listener because the admin for it,
where I could see my sub every year and payment for it was let's say: glitchy.
September 10, 2013
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adjorr said:

to much talk radio
I think a lot of listeners have dropped off because 9/10 times I tune in to listen its just some drunk people talking with music playing quietly in the backround. I used to listen to eve radio even while I played other games, but I haven't listened in months because the quality music just isn't there anymore
September 10, 2013
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