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Survey Results - Part 1

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A week ago we commisioned a survey to ask you, the Eve Radio community, what you thought about us, our DJ's, our shows and website. This survey ran for a total of 7 days and now that it has been closed we are going to sit down and thoroughly analyse the findings before making any firm decisions on on what comes next.

However, sitting back and waiting for our final conclusions is really, really boring, so presented herein are the public results of the survey and our initial impressions of them. Please note, these are just preliminary thoughts and not set in stone but should give you a good idea of our thinking and the sort of direction we will be moving towards in the early part of 2011.If you're only interested in seeing if you won the 1 Billion ISK survey completion draw, skip to the end of this post you heartless monster.

The survey itself was completed by a grand total of 378 people at the time of closing. This figure represents roughly 18% of our floating weekly listeners (based on 2009 figures) so overall a little lower than the 20% expected to complete the survey. Boo I say, boo!

The survey answeres detailed are those that we can make public knowledge. Those not included are opinion based answers not suitable for general release (although some examples will be mentioned) and particular details pertaining to individuals (Survey takers names, contact details etc). Conclusions regarding these "missing" questions will be detailed in a follow up post in the next couple of days. Everything else is here.


Question three is self explanitory and just confirms what everybody already knows. Most of our listeners have their genitals dangling below them instead of inside. It has been suggested (not by me, obviously) that those who would rather not say are probably girls. Blonde ones most likely.

Question 4 asks the age old question. That being, "How old are you?"

The results are fairly interesting as this snapshot tells us that we have a very slight majority of younger listeners (those in the 19 - 26 brackets) than we have historically had in years past. This shift is probably due to the number of Eve Online players flooding the game since it became less hardcore and more approachable to the ADD masses. It also suggests that since our average listener numbers hasn't grown significantly along with Eve Onlines growth a number of our more seasoned listeners have moved on. Either that or they are too old to remember how to use a computer while drinking their Olveltine.

Question 5 ponders which part of the world the listeners connect from. Interestingly, it shows that there are more European than North America based listeners tuning in on a regular basis, which slightly contradicts our google analytics data. The analytics data tells us that there is a slight majority of North American based listeners which can only mean that on ballance, Americans are easily bored by surveys. Go America!

In other news, this survey shows that we have very poor coverage in other areas of the world. This we generally knew but the survey just reinforces it. While we strive to be as international as possible, we understand the language barrier is our biggest weakness in appealing to non native English speakers from further afield. While we would like to be able to get a good crop of bilingual DJ's to help break down these barriers we feel it would be much simpler if all you non English speaking types just took the time to learn it. I mean afterall, we won't all be speaking Chinese for at least another 30 years.

Question 7 asks a very important question. As it allowed for multiple answers, it gives us a good look at the days of the week people tend to tune in for more than others. It confirms what we already knew for the most part, fridays through sundays are the biggest draws for the week with thursday being the proverbial "lame duck" of our scheduled week.

Although we already knew this based on our listener statistics for the last 12 month period it is very different from how it looked a few years ago.

Previously, weekends were not our strongest periods. In fact, tuesdays through thursdays were always much more popular than weekends or mondays. This could be put down to various different reasons, mostly due to the rotation of DJ's, shows and the transition of our listener base from being a majority of older listeners to younger ones. Older folks, as an example, tend to have less free time on the weekends to listen to internet radio shenanigans being as they tend to have families who unreasonably demand their time while the youngsters are already sat at their PC's browsing Hentai or trolling the interwebs.

Regardless, these results show us where we are doing well and where we are not. To further understand these results we have to look at answers to some other questions and compare them with our schedule lineup. Either way, this disparity will be one of the major focusses of investigation and will be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Question 8 asks the listener what times they tend to tune into Eve Radio for. Again, a multiple answer question so we can see a patten of behaviour. To understand this better, we need to look more closely at the regional variation of the listeners so we can build up a more accurate picture of what times locally they tend to tune in. We could (of course) have made matters simpler for ourselves by asking what times people tuned in against a gmt value, but as we all know people are generally rubbish at doing time conversions (I'm looking at you North America) so rather than have the potential for doubt, we'll do the analysis ourselves even if it takes a bit longer.

Regardless, it confirms what we already knew. Most people tune in during the evening with roughly half as much also tuning in from the afternoon period. This matches our listener statistics fairly closely so no surprises there.

Question 9 asks about the listeners habits while not actively following a DJ or show on Eve Radio.

As you can see the majority of answers indicate they occasionally have Eve Radio running in the background while they are doing other things. This is comforting to hear, as it means we make a good background distraction for folks when they are not listening to their usual favored shows and DJ's. Even more comforting is that roughly one in four of you always have Eve Radio turned on while you are busy doing other things. If only one in four of you donated or clicked on our banners we'd all be eating Turkey for Christmas instead of gnawing on coal. Still, it's nice to feel wanted <3

Question 10 asks what kind of listener you class yourself as. We just you know, wanna know these things.

As you can see, the majority class themselves are loyal Eve Radio listeners. Slightly less regard themselves are pretty loyal (Perhaps that should have been worded as very loyal) and a significant portion claim to be hardcore listeners. A high portion consider themselves to be more casual listeners, which we expected to be the majority as a matter of fact and the remainder small portion considered themselves as very casual or oppurtunistic listeners.

We are very pleased with these results. It shows that through our entire history we have made a lot of friends that have continued to support and appreciate us through thick and thin. It is for those people that we are attempting to make changes now to ensure that we move forward and do our best to continue bringing the sort of variety and quality you have grown to love over the years.

And now we start getting to the really important stuff.

Question 11 asks the listener about their musical prefrences whilst tuned into Eve Radio. It again, confirms a number of suspicions and we asked this because it is probably the single most important aspect of our operation.

Like some previous questions, this answer had multiple possible selection to allow the listener to select which genres of music people mainly listened to while tuned into us. It shows that in the majority of cases both Rock/Metal and Electronica/Trance were the overall prefered genres of choice for our listener base. Cross checking with the listener location chart we can see there is a fairly even split between North America and Europe with regards to both Rock/Metal and Electronica/Trance. On the North American side, their is a slight bias towards Rock/Metal whereas in Europe, the opposite is true. However, the comparisons are close enough for us to confidently state that a high portion of our listeners from both North America and Europe prefer to listen to both Rock/Metal and Electronica/Trance. Booyah! The divide just got a little bit smaller.

The third most popular selection was surprisingly our Easy Listening section. I say surprising as the majority of Eve Radio DJ's tend not to play music that falls into this category. On the flip side, the Jukebox system is heavily populated with this sort of thing - deliberately mind you - but it's nice to see it is pretty well recieved.

Commercial dance and pop also get a fairly big shake of the stick, although there is undoubtably some crossover between Electronica/Trance and Easy Listening for these genres so the results are less conclusive. A future poll may refine things further.

Coming in a long way behind the others are R&B/Hip Hop and J-Pop. Neither are played exclusively on very many scheduled shows but both seem to be less popular than gout. These two results will be very telling when compared to the next question.

Overall these results have given us a lot to think about. First and foremost, it's telling us we nee to prioritise a lot more Rock/Metal in our lineups and make the Electronica/Trance popular with our European DJ's more available in North American time zones. Likewise, we need to have more Easy Listening available during the less heavily populated periods of the day where Jukebox is mostly utilised and perhaps commision a few shows a week at convenient times for both sides of the Atlantic. We'll get back to you on this.

Question 12 ponders the other side of the coin. It asks what music people tend to avoid while tuning into Eve Radio.

As expected, the results are nearly polar opposites as the previous question, with R&B/Hip Hop being the bogey man with J-Pop coming a close second. The remaining genres have a fairly broad general appeal, although unexpectadly Easy Listening gets a bit more of a thumbs down that indicated by it's popularity in the previous question. We shall have to compare these results with the geographical location of the listeners to see which side of the atlantic this answer leans closer towards.

Going back to the original point, it seems we need to address the issue of our listeners turning their noses up at both R&B/Hip Hop and J-Pop. Obviously, we need to cut back on these genres to avoid offending the sensibilities of the masses although I fear doing so will lose us our hardcore Emo listsener base (I'm expecting a war declaration from Omerta Syndicate the moment I post this) and those like like to bump n grind. I'm sure we'll get over it.

Question 13 begs the question, are we doing enough Eve Online content?

The short answer is, according to you, yes we are. However, I think overall thats a little generous. We believe that while we do offer a reasonably good variety of content specific to Eve Online we could be doing more. The biggest obstical to this is the time and effort involved in creating varied and unique content by our DJ's. While it is possible to spoon feed listeners information from a variety of sources it is also repetitive and most DJ's here prefer to flex their creative muscles rather than read a script. There are also those who don't have as in depth knowledge of Eve lore as some of us here who may struggle when pressed into doing it. We will therefore look at ways of increasing the overall amount of Eve Online content on our shows while still allowing for freedom to explore other entertaining avenues.

Jumping ahead as we do, question 19 asked what you would like to see more of on Eve Radio.

As you can see, more than half the overall selection wanted either more Eve Online specific content on Eve Radio or more Eve Radio produced events. Neither of these were unexpected but having it confirmed in this way makes us want to flex our creative muscle and get to producing all sorts of weird and wonderful things. In the near future, we'll start doing more themed events and bringing you new and exciting Eve specific content.

Question 21 asked you what you would like to see less of on Eve Radio.

So I cheated a bit here and gave you all an oppurtunity to cop out and tell us you wouldnt want to see anything change. As expected, 45% of you opted to go this route because you are fearful of change and probably sit at your laptops next to candlelight being as you are afraid of electricity n stuff. Those that were not afraid pointed out that a big problem for you is the technical problems from DJ's which can spoil your enjoyment of Eve Radio.

While everyone periodically has problems, be they stream drops, loss of power, poor, crackly mics or frequent covers we are warm of being too harsh on people as, to coin a phrase, shit happens. That said, we can't ignore the fact that it is a major problem and has been getting progressively worse for months. To aid in limiting this, we are introducing a DJ Karma system that will allow us to track failures and take appropriate measures to ensure they either get resolved or the individual having the problem steps down until such time as they resolve it.

Some of you will no doubt not like where this leads to but a good portion will probably agree that things need to change if we are going to improve and offer a better quality service.

We're getting near the end here, so question 28 asks quite simply whether or not you have ever thought about becoming a DJ at Eve Radio. As you can see, a lot have.

Question 32 asks you how you connect to Eve Radio. As expected a good portion of you use the built in website player in order to connect to the stream. This is, of course, the optimal way of doing things but a number of you opt to connect to the combined stream in order to get the same result minus the website I spent ages building. Curiously, some of you still make direct IP connections to either Live 1, 2 or the Jukebox. No idea why you would do this, so I suggest any of you reading this uses the combined stream or the website.

Question 33 asks what features of the Eve Radio website you make most use of. The results are not too surprising but highlight the fact that our community system is not getting a lot of love at the moment. This is puzzling as we are all a very social bunch of people in this community, so it must be something to do with the presentation and usability thats getting in the way. This we will work on.

Question 39 is the last on the list. It refers to a previous question pondering whether or not some of you would like the oppurtunity to join a focus group for a discussion about Eve Radio. As you can see, those interested prefer to have these discussions on a Ventrilo server rather than IRC, although there is sufficient demand for both to justify holding discussions on utilising both these mediums. Regardless, we will be sending out invites for both IRC and Vent discussions to a number of people in the coming weeks.


Thus ends the first part of the survey report. What has been presented here is just a portion of the full survey that is easy (for the most part) to draw conclusions from. In a future post, I'll detail the remainder of the questions asked and discuss the results in a generalised manner.

From what we have seen here, it looks very much like on whole, people enjoy what Eve Radio does but also demonstrates the areas in which we can make fairly easy improvements. Some of these we were already aware of and others we only suspected until now.

We have already begun a process of updating the Jukebox system to make it more genre specific at certain times of the day and we will also be applying this sort of thinking to our live schedule after Christmas. Obviously, there will need to be a lot of discussion amongst staff in order to make this transition as painless as possible and we don't see any major issues arising from the changes we are going to impliment. We are also going to begin a new recruitment campaign to help us fill a number of gaps in the schedule as well as make efforts to bring new and varied Eve Online content to your quivering ears. We will also start to plan a lot more events - in game or otherwise - that our lovely listeners can really get involved in.

We will also make a point to look more closely at the website and make further alterations and refinements to make sure it's as easy to use and appealing as possible to you all. More useful would also be a bonus, just so you know.

Anyway, that's it for now. Feel free to use the underutilised comments system below to share your initial thoughts. Go on, you know you want to.

Oh yeah and Fiziks was lucky number 104 who is now 1 Billion ISK richer. Congrats, Cheques in the mail.

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Nysai_CarryHopper said:

I thought there should be music genre selections and it was poor programming that let me choose to like all the music selections then INSIST that I choose one to dislike. Was a bit suprising that J-pop makes the list but Country and Classical don't, let alone other smaller genre's like foriegn or new age
November 29, 2010
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DJ_Justice said:

Nice Nice
Interesting numbers indeed, thanks to all who helped us with this

and gz to Fiziks!
November 27, 2010 | url
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