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Survey Results - Part 2

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In part one of the survey we looked at immediate results and drew a few basic conclusions from them. In part two, we will look at more specific questions that were answered and see if we can do the same there. As before, the full analysis has not been completed so anything suggested herein is subject to change but is likely to form the basis for the planned schedule changes coming into play Jan 1st 2011.

Question 14 was the first of our opinion based questions and simply asked you which DJ's/Shows you tended to tune in for if posible. This question was optional and answered by 306 of the 378 completed surveys or 81% in total.

The good news in this question is that every single serving Eve Radio DJ was mentioned by those opting to take part. However, there was strong bias towards a number of DJ's that coresopnd to the more popular days on the week. Although we are not going to publicise full details we will make special mention of DJ's Wiggles, Blacklight and Squishy who seem to have distinguished themselves in the popularity stakes by taking a high share of the totals. The only anomaly here is DJ Squishy, who rates rather highly despite being in one of the less popular slots on the schedule. This is either a terrible mistake or he's being under utilised in his present location. This will warrant closer inspection.

Question 15 expands on the previous question by asking listeners to give reasons for the choices they made. The majority of these answers tend to fall in to the personal choice category rather than based on factual evidence but there is enough similarity between answers targetting specific DJ's to suggest theres a common theme running here. It's good news for the Eve Radio DJ's on ballance with 82% of you giving reasons for why you nominated the DJ's previously.

Of course, some of the answers are pretty random. Heres a handful of examples :-

"Content. and wears really snappy shoes"

"He's hot wife.! lol"

"i like his silly competitions and beer reviews"

"I think they are original. i like their fuck you attitude. lyric is hot."

"They all have a big set of balls"

Hmm. Indeed.

Moving onwards, it's clear there is a lot of love for a number of our DJ's. That said, we now have to look deeper at the other side of this coin and see what darkness lies beneath ...

Question 16 asked which (if any) DJ's the listeners tended to avoid listening to for one reason or another. The results of which were very enlightening and confirmed a number of suspicions.

Of the 378 people who completed the survey, only 127 of you felt the need to name names. This immediately tells us that two thirds of you believe that theres nothing wrong with any of our DJ's and shows, or not enough to warrant tuning out. This is a good thing and makes me happy. Those that have been nominated are - on the whole - done so due to personal musical preferences rather than a fundamental problem with the DJ or show. However, in some cases there has been a very strong negative reaction with common themes which does require detailed investigation. To help with this, we need to compare the answers here with question 14.

Doing so, we can see that several people are generally rated highly on one hand and criticised on the other. Those DJ's that fall into this category are the ones who tend to polarise communities. You either love them or hate them - there is little in between. These types of DJ's generally encourage strong reactions to their on air content and controvasy is no stranger to them. Looking at the names that crop up on this list, it's no surprise to me. Fortunately there is ballance here for the majority of these types of DJ's.

What is more worrying are those who have recieved a statistically unballanced amount of criticism. To futher understand the reasons for this we need to look at the followup question in detail.

Question 17 is that followup question. It asks the listener to give details as to why they tended to tune out when the nominated DJ was on air.

Surprisingly, this question was answered by 53% of people who took the survey (200 out of 378 total), which is higher than those who nominated in the previous question. As a result of this, I have had to strip back the answers so that only those who also answered the previous question got through to the analysis stage. A high percentage of those stripped in this manner were just abusive, rushed flames and make no effort to give constructive criticism. Those which remained however are generally very well presented, if a little heated at times.

Like I mentioned previously, a good portion of the answers to this question ballance out against the positive comments from earlier questions. As I said then, these polarised DJ's are on the whole a love 'em or hate 'em type and the majority of answers reflect this. I don't see any issues with DJ's that generate this kind of reaction. Hell, when I was on air this is exactly the sort of reaction I recieved from the community and it worked well for us back then as it does today. Unless there were very specific and potentially damaging reasons for these negative views there is no reason to become concerned with the results - especially as these types of DJ's are generally those with the higher concurrent listener counts historically.

Unfortunately there are some examples where there is a right for us to be concerned. A very small number of DJ's seem to have attracted a lot of criticism which requires urgent investigation. Most of this (at first glance) are things which can easily be rectified with a change of show direction and some technical refinement. Unfortunately, there are examples where a quick fix may not be sufficient to resolve the problem. How this is dealt with will be discussed at length with those involved and senior management during the course of the investigation.

Question 20 asked the listener to detail the reasons for their answers to question 19, which for those who can't remember was what overall would you like to see more of on Eve Radio. The results of question 19 are in the previous results news item but suffice to say the majority shares in additional content wanted by listeners was more general Eve Online content and more Eve Radio produced events.

Looking at the comments in question 20, we can see a lot of good ideas from the contributors. Heres a sample of comments we have seen frequently in this question :-

"A bit more other stuff not having to do with eve"

"there are trips they do not happen frequantly enough i some times miss them i sometimes miss the begining and have to w8 till the next trip"

"Cause drunken "middle off the night" lo-sec roams with the dj's can be very fun :d"

"General discussions are more entertaining."

"I want to see some interviews with big alliance leaders about their wars... like north against south and so on. im interessted in eve politics, so i want to see more of this."

"More djs getting together for shows, collaborations and not just the dance mix djs. more themed days for particular music."

It's clear that people want a lot more in game events and interactivity with DJ's. It's also clear the best and most enjoyable way to do this is by forming random fleets, heading off into dark and dangerous places and generally getting caught up in the frill of the chase, the hunt, the kill and talking about it all while on air. Currently a few DJ's do host a number of events and shows like this but not very frequently. The main reason for this is because of the time and effort required to plan an event and assemble the participants. What we can do at Eve Radio is try and make it easier for both DJ's and players to put on events like this. One under used feature of the Eve Radio website is an Event Scheduler (In the community section) that will allow for community members to see what in game activities are scheduled and when they commence. We will make efforts to make this more visable for listeners and encourage DJ's to use it.

In addition to the in game fleet based events, there is significant demand for more interviews with well known players, developers as well as narrative on the current political situations within New Eden. In the past, there were shows that were dedicated to this sort of thing but as time has gone by they have fallen by the wayside. We will look at ways of bringing it back and making them priority prime time listening.

There are an awful lot of additional comments and suggestions regarding this question but a full analysis will take a lot of time complete. Furthermore as a lot of it is subjective it will need discussing with more than the Eve Radio staff and managers, so we will make this a key question to discuss in one of our focus groups we will be organising with listeners in the near future.

Question 22 asked listeners to details the reasons for their answers to question 21. For the forgetful ypes, question 21 wanted to know what listeners would like to see a lot less of on Eve Radio.

The clear winner in this regard was "Nothing. We don't like change". Forgetting for a moment it was a cop out answer, we can look at the other results and conclude that the single most requested change listeners would like to see is far less technical problems from the DJ's.

This was expected and is a tricky thing to resolve. Obviously, we encourage people to not lose the stream, to make sure their hardware works and that they thoroughly test before each and every show. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen and over the last year there has been a significant rise in things like show covers, last minute emergencies, random and convenient power outages and all manner of excuses. Some of these are genuine, some are not. Having been with Eve Radio since 2003 I have seen and heard just about every excuse there is. You tend to be able to predict when certain people are going to put in a cheap cover or have an "issue" and I'm sad to say it has made me and others both impatient and unforgiving.

Bottom line is we don't like being lied to and more often than not - we know when we are. We let it slide too frequently and don't stamp down hard enough when we should, mostly because we like the people we work with and turn a blind eye when we really shouldn't.

Knowing this and knowing what big softies we all are, it's time to take all emotional consideration out of the picture and let cold, hard logic determine peoples fates.

We are doing this by introducing a Karma system to Eve Radio. Every single DJ will (from Jan 1st 2011) be assigned a Karma pool which will be automatically modified depending on a specific set of criteria. For example, if a DJ puts in more cover requests in a certain time period than is considered acceptable they will lose karma points for doing so. To ballance this out, they will have to do a cover of their own. Having multiple stream drops during a show will be another example of getting negative karma points whereas being active in the Eve Radio community will automatically earn them.

You lose too many karma points, you go on probation. You lose a number more, you're out.

It's a simple system that rewards effort and punishes laziness. Sure, there are times where shit happens and things can't be helped which is why it's not quiet as black and white as all that. There will be a human heart behind the system as well as a human brain. We will do our best to ballance this out so theres not unduely harsh effects from this, but we also have to consider repeat offenders are more hassle than they are worth. Quite simply, if people don't take the piss, we wont have to.

That's it for now. There will be a third and final part to the survey report that will be published in the next couple of days. It will answer the remaining questions and give some hints as to what we have in store for next year. Well worth a read.


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