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Christmas is coming early 2010

Eve Radio News

That's right its that time of year again when the lights and tree come out, and the turkey get stuffed etc.
But most importantly there are presents!  Here again at EVE Radio we will be having Christmas Come Early.  Most of you (and us) will be doing things involving Christmas and relatives we only see a couple of times a year at Christmas itself so we are giving you our presents the week before.

CCE will be run this year from the 13th to the 20th, over this period there will be well over 100Billion in ISK and prizes given out by EVE Radio.

Our DJs will be arranging all sorts of events over the week, which will be announced over the coming days, some have already been announced, and some will be announced in this post!

This year as before we will be running a station give away as well, all you need to do to win is listen to EVE Radio.

Once tuned into Eve Radio, you just need to keep your ears open for a special audio alert periodically played during the 7 day event period (13th to 19th) and then send an Evemail titled "Giveaway" to the character "ER Relay" (Please ensure that the character you send the evemail to is a member of the Eve Radio Corporation with DJ Whitey as CEO).

Update: People have been asking what the sound, sounds like. You can download it here and listen.

Every time the sound is played the nth lucky listener will win a prize just like that! We're giving away upto 30 billion ISK in this manner but will also be throwing 10 x PLEX (courtesy of our chums at CCP) at you along with a bunch of runner up prizes including Battleships, Battlecruisers and T2 frigates to name a few.
Because we have more prizes the klaxon will be going off more often than in previous years, it may take a few hours for all the entries to be checked and processed, but no longer than a day.  This post will show the winners as they are processed, winners will also be notified by evemail.

In order to win you must be tuned in via the web site, this is because to ensure fairness the sound it triggered independently to the main stream.  As it's Christmas we may try and arrange for a couple that go out to third party players, but you chance of winning will be higher via the website, which is how the majority of you tune already.

Some of the bigger independent DJ events are detailed below. To ensure you get an opportunity to take part in others, make sure you keep your player locked to Eve Radio.

Christmas Die Die My Darling

This will be a 100Billion game of DDMD.  Full details will be coming shortly, along with a full list of the prizes which make up the 100Bill (its an impressive list).
The game will be launching on the 13th and the game will conclude on DJ Moz's show on Monday the 20th.

The game board and FAQ

Ship Prizes Summary:
Jump Freighters x4
Marauders x4
Dreadnaughts x4
Black Ops x4
Carriers x4
Freighters x4
Faction Battleships x13
Faction Cruisers x5
Faction Frigates x2
Capital Industrial Ships x2
Tech 3 Cruisers x4
Hulk x4
Grand Raffle Prizes:
First place 20 Billion ISK
2nd and 3rd place 10 Billion ISK

DJ Justice CCE

Monday: Lucky number 13!

20 Prizes
20 Rounds
Total Value of Prizes over 800mill isk!
Entry Fee - 1mill isk!!!!

Sunday: Find the DJ!! and Find the Co-Host!!

Prizes are as follows:

Vindicator!!! worth about 830-850mill isk
Providence!!! worth about 690-700 mill isk
1bill isk!!!
500mill isk!!!
250mill isk!!!


Bhaalgorn!!! worth about 800mill isk
Obelisk!!! worth about 715-730 mill isk
1bill isk!!!
500mill isk!!!
250mill isk!!!

In addition "Find BOB" - first person to find bob will receive 1 billion isk and in return BOB will donate 100 pounds to EvE Radio as a x-mas present to EvE Radio and our listeners!

For full details see:

DJRowbs's Metal christmas special

On the 19th DJ Rowbs will be hosting a 1Bill ISK game of poker.
The poker style is Texas hold’em

The game will be played on the 19th December 00.30 and may last for 2 hours

To Enter Send 10 mill to DJRowbs in game

You can enter from now till 18th December 22.00 game time

There will be 3 winners in this game 1st 1 bill, 2nd 200 mill, 3rd 100 mill,

If the game doesn’t last 2 hours there will be some mini games for 2 mill a game

Don’t forget the game is on the 18th – 19th 00.30 so Saturday night you need to be there for the game

To play the game follow the steps below:

To connect to the server:
Then you well need to make a new account: click make a new account
If you have an account just login with that account
Ones made then send me the 10 mill in game with your username and I will add the chips
Ones you have payed you’re 10 mill you will get 1500 chips put on your account
(On 19th dec) click the Tournaments tab
In this tab there is a DJRowbs Xmas Poker
Click it then down the bottom on the right hand side click register
Then double click the table to enter
Please use the same name as your in game name
You can go and register now
Thank you for playing 1 bill poker game



Shows that have happened:


BlackLight, who (as we should all know by now) rarely runs competitions of any kind during his shows, has assembled a huge pot of prizes to give away this year.

The "Main Competition" will consist of a 'Capitalism Minus' style event where BlackLight will purchase (from Jita) a ship and fitting as defined by the top ranked Battleclinic fitting..... and will then work out exactly how much it cost. During his show, BlackLight will tell you what the fitting is, and it will be up to you to guess how much the fitting actually cost.

Don't worry - BlackLight isn't going to make this one ludicrously expensive... somewhere between 10 and 25 million isk is the goal here.... but the prizes should be worthwhile. For this competition - there is only one main prize pot : a winner-takes-all event !

Navy Megathron (T2 / Faction Fit)
Navy Dominix
Navy Raven
Navy Scorpion
Navy Apocalypse
Navy Amageddon
Fleet Typhoon
Fleet Tempest

Yes, that's the complete 13x Faction Battleship collection, which will go out to the closest unique bid above what BlackLight paid for the ship ! There will be no limit on entries.

As a little bonus prize to this - whoever makes the most outrageous bid (far too high) - I will make available half of the isk from the entrance to the Capitalism Minus, as well as the ship in question


Further spot prizes will be given out throughout the 3h BlackLight CCE show, details of how to win them will be made available throughout the show, but he has the following to give away !
Vexor Navy Issue
Stabber Fleet Issue

Donated by Entity - the guy who wants to collect one of everything in EVE Online! Check out his collection here Entity's Collection and if you have something that he doesn't, get in touch ! Help this dude 'win eve' in his own personal way!
( 6x Individual Spot Prizes of 2x PLEX each )
Ashimmu (Faction Fit)
( Another spot prize )
Navy Megathron
( Yet another spot prize )
In order to stand a chance of winning some of this phat lewt - tune in to BlackLight on Saturday 18th December 2010 between 1800 and 2100 EvE Time. Seeya there !


Squishie is running a quiz where each correct answer gets you one entry into the draw for all his iskies.
Players will be sending me 1 or 2mil (TBD) using give isk and the reason as the answer.
The questions will be answerable by all and every correct answer = 1 entry.
People may attempt each question as many times as they like with different answers.
He will be running a few questions on wednesday and a few on friday when he covers the 1600 ER slot, with the ISK going out on friday at 1845, just before JJs show.
You don't have to be online to win, just have entered to win.
There will also be 2 (or more) random spot prizes of a hookbill and a zephyr one which will go out to a lucky entrant.

DJ Helix CCE Eve Hymns for an Angel Competition

The rules for this are simple.
1. Take the wording from the hymn on Helix's page and eve-ify it, sticking with the theme of Christmas. (There are great examples for this on the EvE-O forums, check out Stevie G's)
2. Send 5 Million Isk to DJ Helix and an Eve Mail containing your Eve Hymn.
3. Stick around if you can, afterall you might just hear the CCE Klaxxon during the show and add a nice sum of isk to your wallet.
Simples, is it not?

Wiggles Christmas Capitalism Plus/Minus

It’s Back for CCE 2010 Capitalism Plus AND Minus, you chance to win either a FACTION Battleships of your choice or THE RANDOM PRIZE

What is Christmas Capitalism Plus/Minus?
The chance to be ruthless and cunning and win either a faction battleship or a RANDOM PRIZE

How do I get involved?
Be online and in the Eve-radio ingame channel from 19:00 GMT on a Monday the 13th of December and tune in and win.

What's the catch?
There is only just one, you have to outwit everyone else and see if you can be the most strewed player out there.


The Biggest SINGLE UNIQUE donation from one person will win a faction battleships of there choice at 21:30 GMT. If another player donates the same amount as you then BOTH are no longer Unique and you both are out of the running.
The Smallest SINGLE UNIQUE donation from one person will win THE RANDOM PRIZE. If another player donates the same amount as you then BOTH are no longer Unique and you both are out of the running.
You can make as many donations as you wish but remember they do NOT add up to a final total.
There is a hard cap of 500 million ISK in any one single donation and a low cap of 10 million ISK, you may NOT donate over 500 Million, or under 10 million in one transaction.
No 0.1 or other amounts of ISK, WHOLE ISK only so 10,000,000 is fine 10,000,000.01 is not and will be counted as 10 million as will 10,000,000.99.
Donations will open when the show starts at 19:00 GMT and close at 21:30 GMT the winners will be announced at 21:45 GMT and you NEED to be online and in the Eve-radio ingame channel to win. If you are not there by 21:50 another winner WILL BE DRAWN.
Donations received BEFORE 19:00 GMT or AFTER 21:30 will be considered a NON ENTRY and kept for future prizes
The time will be taken from the ingame chat channel with the time stamps activated
When donating ISK please Make sure it is sent to DJWIGGLES and check that the character is  part of the Eve Radio Corp ingame

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i beleive for now
that better keep my money in my pockets, on the other hand...good lesson for me, to do not enter any of this kind crap...
December 23, 2010 | url
Votes: +0


FolladoresFriend: can't hear the klaxxon!
What are the requirements for hearing the Klaxxon sound? I can hear the radio stream & everything else on my computer, but while I'm in IRC somebody always says there's the Klaxxon!... I've tried all major browsers (Safari, IE(ick), Firefox, and Chrome).

and you never hear it...this action initiated by is completely fake...another crap to burn your pockets ^_^
December 23, 2010 | url
Votes: +0


crap lottery...
I donate more than 400mil ISK...and don't even get ship that i win from DJ Moz...thx for fairplay...
December 23, 2010 | url
Votes: +1

FolladoresFriend said:

can't hear the klaxxon!
What are the requirements for hearing the Klaxxon sound? I can hear the radio stream & everything else on my computer, but while I'm in IRC somebody always says there's the Klaxxon!... I've tried all major browsers (Safari, IE(ick), Firefox, and Chrome).
December 16, 2010 | url
Votes: +0

qgazq said:

The sound
I have updated the mail post with this link
You can download the sound so you know what you are listening for.
Good luck.

December 14, 2010
Votes: +0

Wuble said:

How do we know what the klaxon sounds like? is it a breif 2 second chime? or something obvious? there are so many sounds on the station how can you tell?
December 13, 2010 | url
Votes: +0

MrBlades said:

It's google ads, other than blocking all the gay RMT stuff we don't have any control over the displayed content. It tends to vary massively.

We don't get to pick and choose what gets displayed, thats down to Googles CDN.
December 12, 2010
Votes: +0

Pete Moss said:

Dark Orbit Ad on this page? Really?
Common, that garbage game dowsnt deserve right adverting here. get rid of it!! Please for the love of god!
December 12, 2010
Votes: +0

MrBlades said:

Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were just being leet.

Anyway, listen to the radio and you'll get all the info on how to win bazillions of ISK and other good stuff.
December 12, 2010
Votes: +0

Vanya Cristiel said:

sorry if i come across strong here i just get frustered when ppl seam unpolite about my spelling i now its horible but i speak fluent danish swedish icelantic norwegian and english but spelling is shit in all of them becos letters get messed upp in my head i try to fix it sometimes but at most times i just cant be bothered
December 12, 2010
Votes: -1

Vanya Cristiel said:

o i am so sorry for being dislecktik but hay mabe you can fix that for me
December 12, 2010
Votes: +0

MrBlades said:

Well first I would suggest learning how to get by using basic English and then I would advise you to consider listening in periodically over the next week for many oppurtunities to win.

All you have to do is listen, follow simple instructions and keep your fingers crossed.
December 12, 2010
Votes: +0

Vanya Cristiel said:

wate so i just anser here ?
December 12, 2010
Votes: +0

darkfall13 said:

December 11, 2010
Votes: +0

Drakan Grimo said:

Hi Black...I like your sound, good work!
But what sound was?
December 11, 2010
Votes: +0

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